Fight for the things you care about … do it in a way that will lead others to join you. -Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

  • We need a robust public safety system embracing a holistic approach that includes a police force that is well-resourced, well-trained, unbiased, and accountable, a public health focus, and a recognition that without addressing root causes with diversified staff responders, policies and programs we will not foster the change and accountability for people who cause harm in our community and have the safe Burlington we need.
  • A properly sized, resourced, trained, unbiased, and accountable police force: The work to attract and fill empty officer positions and retain officers must continue but it is insufficient without consistent training and updated policies to eliminate bias, racial disparities, and excessive uses of force, plus greater transparency and accountability to the community.
  • Increased capacity for alternative responders: Our public safety system needs a significant expansion of social workers, addiction and recovery specialists, mental health professionals and others trained to respond to deescalate conflict in a non-violent manner. Without a diversified staff of responders, an appropriately sized and resourced police force will not have the effect we need.
  • Increased action on the drug crisis, preventing gun violence and increasing support for victims of violent crime: The drug crisis requires a new focus, including adaptations in our treatment system, the use of Opioid Settlement funds, and preventing gun violence. It also includes expanding funding options for victims of crime and generally centering the needs of victims and survivors in the justice system.
  • Addressing Root causes: Research is clear that real safety happens when communities invest in taking care of each other and making sure people have what they need to thrive–livable wages, affordable housing, strong public schools and supports for youth, vibrant public spaces, and access to healthcare, substance misuse treatment, and mental health resources. These investments are public safety & health investments we desperately need to make.