Hi there,

My name is Gene Bergman and I am running for re-election as Ward 2 City Councilor in Burlington, Vermont. The last two years on the council have been challenging and rewarding.

I believe I’ve done some important work dealing with climate change, the housing crisis, public safety, affordability, and helping constituents. But there were many things I, with other councilors, could not do or are left unfinished. While I’m still updating my website, you can see some of the work I've done here. Please let me know what you think.

Given this, I’ve decided to run for re-election for another 2 year term. The decision is not easy. Running and serving is hard. Burlington faces serious challenges, not unlike those everywhere. But the more I think about it the more I believe that my work for justice and making government work for all is making a difference. I also think that doing good work here in Burlington, VT helps all of our families and loved ones living throughout this state and country, including our youngest ones who will be inheriting a world filled with huge challenges. The need for a strong voice, aligned with the movement outside pushing for transformational change, is as pressing as it’s been in my political life.

  • Change to regressive tax systems to overcome the austerity foisted upon us by neoliberals, Democrat and Republican alike.
  • Change to inadequate public safety systems.
  • Change to a fossil fuel economy that is cooking the planet and will leave it wasted for our kids and grandkids and the rest of the natural world.
  • Change to the social and economic systems that exploit and oppress the great majority of people but most of all Black, Brown, Indigenous, and vulnerable, struggling people.

As city councilor, I am committed to serving my constituents to the best of my ability. Please feel free to reach out by emailing me at [email protected] regarding any concerns you may have.

In solidarity,