Max Tracy, Former Ward 2 City Councilor & Former City Council President

I've known Gene for years and know his commitment to this community and to justice. Fighting climate change is critical for him. I look forward to working with him to carry on the work.

Ashley Laporte, Racial Justice Activist

I was really happy when Gene told me he was running for Burlington City Council. I have come to deeply respect Gene over the past two years as we've collaborated on the initiative calling for community oversight of police (People for Police Accountability). Gene simultaneously brings his experience and expertise to our work, while also operating with an open mind to new ideas and ways of thinking. To be frank, unlike many other older, white, cis-gender men, Gene has no problem following Black, queer, femme leadership and it's super refreshing. It's enabled us to build a partnership and friendship grounded in trust, which means we've been able to get a lot of good sh*!t done together. I'm thrilled to endorse Gene for City Council.

Perri Freeman, Central District City Councilor

Gene has been a guiding force during my time on the Council. His strong commitment to neighborhood issues, willingness to tackle complex problems, and his expertise on how to create strong legislation makes him an unparalleled advocate. He has helped draft many proposals during my time on the City Council. It is with great confidence that I endorse Gene for Ward 2.

Terry Bouricius, Past Ward 2 City Councilor, State Representative, and Progressive Party Founder

My first experience working with Gene was over 40 years ago, when he was fighting for tenants’ rights as a community organizer. Since then we served together on the City Council when Bernie was mayor. Gene is willing to tackle tough issues like affordable housing, rent stabilization, fair housing, and renter protections. I am proud to endorse Gene Bergman as our Ward 2 City Councilor.

Connor Wertz, Community Organizer and Ward 2 resident
Gene Bergman is hard working, well-versed in the mechanisms of city government, and, most importantly, cares deeply for the community he's spent decades in. I'll be voting for Gene this election, and working with him after March, too, to make Burlington a better place.

Daniel Britton, Retired Logistics Manager

I'll tell you now that I'm biased. Gene Bergman has been my brother since 1970. We met in high school and worked together on many social and political activities in hopes of making a better world for all. He's the reason I moved to Vermont in 1972. There is so much more I could say about Gene as an incredible person. Don't take my word for it, talk to him yourself. Discuss issues that are important to you, he's a great listener.

Other supporters from across the community include:

Josh Wronski, Vince Brennan, Selene Colburn, Brian Cina, Curt McCormack, Mark Hughes, Wanda Hines, Stu McGowan, Joan Watson, Keith Brunner, Kate Kanelstein, Lucy Gluck, Karen Amirault, Barb Prine, Gordon Rhoades, Annie Schnieder, Kit Andrews, Grace Pfiel, Christina Delphia, July Sanders, Megan Humphrey, Amanda Hannaford, Tara Gragg, Jody Woos, Abby Tanen

Organizational endorsements