• As Bernie says, “It’s not me. It’s us.” We have serious challenges that can only be overcome if we unite to work for fundamental change. People in Burlington are clamoring for fundamental change to the ways government operates. I believe that we, as a community, have the collective ability to create an affordable, livable Burlington through a city government that works especially hard for the most vulnerable and those who have suffered at the hands of systems that have at best ignored their needs, and at worst have discriminated against and exploited them. 

  • We can have a city government that looks at major problems and proposes actual solutions and then actually implements them. A city government that commits to a vigorous community, ecological, and economic agenda. Doing this expresses our fundamental values: solidarity, empathy, kindness and respect. And together, only together, can we can win the government and community we need and deserve. Please join me to help make it so.